Unicorn Rain Boots and Raincoat for Kids

Unicorn Rain Boots and Raincoat for Kids

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Just like mermaids, these mythical creatures are one of the most beloved in the world. Unicorns are the kindest, yet they are strong and fast.

Here, we have some choices of unicorn rain boots and raincoat for kids. Your child will love these designs for sure. Each of these selections comes with a trivia courtesy of MentalFloss.com.

Rainbow Daze + Stephen Joseph Unicorn Rain Boots and Raincoat

Here’s our first unicorn trivia.

Did you know that the explorer Marco Polo actually believed that he saw unicorns? But according to his accounts, he didn’t find them pretty just like how we’ve pictured them. He called them “ugly brutes to look at.” Here’s the catch. What he really saw were rhinoceros.

Oakiwear + Carter’s Unicorn Rain Boots and Raincoat

Ready for the next trivia? Here goes…

In the 16th century, the tooth of narwhals were a popular unicorn horn counterfeit. These “unicorn horns” were sold in London pharmacies, and in 1560, one horn was even sold to the pope at about 18,000 pounds.

Hatley Unicorn Rain Boots and Raincoat

If you want to go unicorn hunting, the Lake Superior State University of Michigan actually gives you a hunting license.

Western Chief + Wippette

Did you know that it was in the 5th century when unicorns were first recorded through the historian Ctesias.

Lonecone + Wipette

For our last trivia… In the King James version of the Old Testament, unicorns were referenced nine times. This happened because of a mistranslation of a Hebrew word, which actually means wild ox.