Top Picks: Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Raincoat

Top Picks: Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Raincoat

Everyone recognizes Mickey Mouse, from your grandparents to your younger sister’s friends. That’s why when it comes to merchandises, the world’s famous mouse is easy to sell. Seriously, you must have owned or bought at least one Mickey Mouse merch.

There are tons of characters to choose from, but Mickey Mouse items are always in-demand. Like Mickey Mouse rain boots and raincoat for children, for instance. Here, we give you some top picks, plus some trivia about our all-time favorite mouse from Disney.

NOTE: All trivia bits are courtesy of Easy Science for Kids.

Black Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Raincoat

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is the first cartoon character to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Yup, it happened in November 1978, in time for its 50th anniversary. Let’s not forget to say that 40 years after that, in January 2018, Minnie Mouse was also given one. No less than popstar Katy Perry was in attendance at the ceremony.

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Blue Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Slicker

If Barbie‘s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, Mickey’s is Michael Theodore Mouse. Minnie, on the other hand, was given the full name Minerva Mouse by Disney writer Merrill De Maris and cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson.

Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Red Hooded Slicker

Mickey Mouse was born in the era of silent films, so originally, he wasn’t intended to speak. He was first introduced to the public in 1928 through the film “Steamboat Willie.” When he finally spoke, his first words were “hot dogs,” making him the first character to ever speak.

Blue Mickey Mouse Rain Boots and Slicker

Here’s another trivia for you. Did you know that Mickey was given a pair of white gloves so that you can clearly notice his hands? Makes sense, doesn’t it? Try to imagine him without them. Can you?

Now, let’s talk about the rain boots and slicker below. The slicker is made of 100% vinyl, and it comes with a snap-on closure. The rain boots feature Mickey’s face on top of a background filled with stars, clouds, and other heavenly bodies.

Mickey Rain Boots with Handle and Slicker+Umbrella Combo

Here’s another trivia. Mickey and Minnie are married, and the first people who voiced over for these famous cartoon characters were also – interestingly – married.

Blue Blue Rain Boots

If Walt Disney had his way, we would be calling our favorite mouse Mortimer. Fortunately, he listened to his wife who said “Mickey” is a better option. In 1933, Walt received an Oscar for creating Mickey. Well-deserved, don’t you think?