Rain Boots with Bird Logo, Top Picks

Rain Boots with Bird Logo, Top Picks

Many people take birds as a symbol of freedom. With their wings, birds can fly to any place they want. Don’t you wish you were a bird sometimes?

Here, we’re giving our top picks for the best rain boots with bird logo. Each pick comes with a bird trivia that you can share with your child. These facts are courtesy of Cockatiel Cottage and Mental Floss.

Hatley Girls’ Printed Bird Rain Boot

Did you know that birds appear to be the most “prone” to extinction? 90% of extinct species have been birds. To date, there are 109 bird species that are extinct such as the dodo.

According to the National Geographic, the main reason of birds’ extinction is deforestation.

Here’s a pair of printed bird rain boots featuring beautiful images of different kinds of birds.

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Flamingo Print Rain Boots for Kids

Here’s another trivia, this time about flamingos. According to this article, flamingos can live in the wild from 20 to 30 years. The largest of the 6 flamingo species can average up to 4.7 feet. They’re called “greater flamingo.” The smallest – also known as “lesser flamingo” – can grow up to 2.9 feet.

Swan Rain Boots by Outee

Yes, swans are birds, and they’re closely related to geese and ducks. If flamingos are “fierce,” swans are “elegant and refined.” They’re often associated with the fineness of a ballerina. According to this article, swans are mostly herbivores. Their diet consists of plants growing on river beds, but they also eat small fish, worms, and molluscs that cling to their favorite plants.

Rain Boots with Wings

Here’s another bird trivia. Did you know that in ancient Greece, pigeons were used to deliver the results of the Olympic Games?

This pair of rain boots may not be what you’re expecting, but the wings make your child look cool.