Mermaid Rain Boots and Raincoat for Kids

Mermaid Rain Boots and Raincoat for Kids

For many, many years, mermaids have been one of man’s most popular (and arguably most favored) mythical creatures. We picture these sea nymphs as half-fish, half-women with captivating voices who live in beautiful palaces under the ocean. Lots of stories have been told about them, and somehow, we wish we would finally see one of them in the flesh – if at all they exist.

Are your children going through a “mermaid phase”? If so, perhaps these mermaid rain boots and raincoat for kids will put a smile to their cute little faces.

Stephen Joseph Mermaid Rain Boots and Raincoat

Here’s a mermaid trivia for you:

According to online sources, one of man’s earliest accounts of mermaids can be traced in ancient Syria, through a goddess named Atargatis. She was the chief goddess of ancient northern Syria and was regarded as the goddess of fertility and well-being. Her depiction as a fish-bodied sacred being leads people to sometimes refer to her as a mermaid-goddess.

While guiding your child to put on these mermaid rain boots and raincoat, you can share the trivia mentioned above.

Chillipop Mermaid Rain Boots + Lilly of New York Mermaid Raincoat

Mermaid trivia number 2:

Aside from Atargatis, there’s also Avatea (or Vatea), a creator god in Cook Islands mythology. He is believed to be the first man who grew to be a hybrid being – half man and half fish.

We super adore the flower and fish-tail combo of these rain boots and raincoat. They fit perfectly on top of a teal fish scale background. Don’t you love them, too?

The Little Mermaid Rain Boots and Raincoat

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, Ursula is not an octopus? If you count her tentacles, there are only 6 of them, making her more of a squid rather than an octopus.

Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots and Raincoat for Kids

Here’s another trivia for you. Did you know that aquamarine is believed to have originated from mermaids’ tears? Sailors believe that this gemstone can serve as their protectio when they fall into the ocean.