Marvel Avengers Rain Boots for Kids

Marvel Avengers Rain Boots for Kids

Not surprisingly, the Avengers series is a multi-billion dollar movie franchise. It has endeared people from all walks of life, of different ages, and different nationalities. We can’t get enough of this brave ensemble of Marvel superheroes.

Which leads us to ask, which of these superheroes is your child’s favorite? (Or perhaps you have one, too?) Is it the Hulk, Thor, Captain America? Or perhaps the Black Widow?

Let’s put a smile to your child’s face with this selection of Marvel Avengers rain boots for kids.

Marvel Avengers Rain Boots for Kids from Disney

These rain boots for kids feature a large image of Captain America, almost outshadowing the rest of the crew. Here’s a trivia for you.

In the movie, the Avengers squad included Captain America as one of the original members. But if you’re a Marvel comic fan, you know that it wasn’t until the 4th issue that the team decided to take in Captain America.

Western Chief Marvel Avengers Rain Boots

We love the black background on this one. The Avengers logo stands out even if it’s behind the crew.

Here’s another Avengers trivia for you. Did you know that it was a non-member who first gave the Avengers its name? It was suggested by the Wasp (Janet van Dyne), saying that the name should be dramatic and colorful.

Iron Man Rain Boots for Children

Would you believe that Tom Cruise was first offered the role of Iron Man in the movie? According to, Tom turned it down because he wasn’t pleased with the script. That’s okay. Robert Downey, Jr. has done a great job playing the part. Don’t you agree?

Marvel Avengers Boys Wellington Rain Boots

Zoom in on the image, and focus your attention on the background. Do you see the Avengers logo and the face of our favorite superheroes? How cool is that?