Leopard Print Rain Boots for Children – Top Picks

Leopard Print Rain Boots for Children – Top Picks

Leopard prints are F-I-E-R-C-E! That’s why they’re everywhere, from your local fabric store to perhaps the pattern of your favorite bag. Rain boots – both for adults and kids – are no exception.

Different brands offer different colors and patterns, but they’re recognizably leopard. Here, we give you our top picks and faves for leopard print rain boots for children.

For each item on this list, we give you some trivia on leopards courtesy of National Geographic Kids.

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Puddle Play Leopard Rain Boots

As you surprise your child with a nice pair of these leopard rain boots from a kid-friendly brand called Puddle Play, here’s one trivia that you’d want to impart while watching her put them on.

Did you know that the spots on leopards are called “rosettes“? As what it implies, rosettes are so-called because they resemble the shape of a rose, which maybe your favorite flower.

Take a look at the rainboots below. Do you think the spots on this pattern truly have a shape like that of a rose?

Western Chief Leopard-Like Rainboots

Although leopards are not the fastest land animals – the cheetah is – they’re a lot faster than many wild animals that dwell on land. They can run at speeds of up to 58km/hr. It might even outrun your bus.

The rainboots below are from Western Chief. As you can see, the pattern closely resembles hearts, not really a rose. But if you want something colorful, these rainboots don’t disappoint.

Hunter Kids Pink Leopard Rainboots

Here’s another interesting trivia. Leopards are loners. They don’t want mingling with others that much. If they find a place that they like, they mark it with scratches, urine, or poop to warn other leopards to stay away and look for another spot.

These leopard rainboots from Hunter Kids are for parents (and kids) looking for something pink. Do you like them?

Capelli New York Leopard + Stars + Hearts Rain Boots

If you’re scared of leopards, don’t climb on trees. Why? Because one, they can climb trees very, very easily. And if they choose not to, know that they can as easily leap 6 meters through the air.

Here’s a pair of leopard rain boots from Capelli with an interesting candy-like design. The stars and hearts add a nice touch.

Western Chief Kids Leopard Rain Boots

Leopards are very skilled and patient hunters. They’re active at night, and they stalk their prey carefully and quietly, acting only when they’re sure to capture their prey.