Farm Animal Rain Boots That’ll Make Your Child Sing E-I-E-I-O!

Farm Animal Rain Boots That’ll Make Your Child Sing E-I-E-I-O!

And so the song goes… Old MacDonald had a farm… E-I-E-I-O! We all know the complete list of animals in Old MacDonald farm, and perhaps just like us, you had a favorite when you were young. Ours was cows because we love their beautiful spots, what’s yours?

Here, we give you our top picks for farm animal rain boots that will surely make your child happy when she/he stomps in rain puddles during the wet season.

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Horse Print Rain Boots

On a popular online retailer, there are several choices of horse rain boots to choose from, but this one’s our favorite. Why? Because it looks magical and it’s filled with love, what with the added heart accents. The flowers also look like firecrackers from afar.

Let’s not forget that there are also multiple images of horseshoes scattered all over this print/pattern. According to online sources, some cultures hang a horseshoes at their door for good luck.

Cow Print Rain Boots

These cow print rain boots are absolutely gorgeous, don’t you agree? If this were true leather, it would be even more beautiful. Here are some facts about cows, our favorite farm animal.

Did you know that they have 32 teeth? That they have one stomach with 4 compartments? That they have a panoramic field of vision? Now, you know, and you can share these facts to your children.

Peppa Pig Flower Girl’s Wellies

Right now, Peppa Pig is perhaps the most popular animate pig character, so yup, we’re putting a Peppa Pig rainboots here. Your child may have watched the cartoon series, so these rainboots are a great way to surprise her/him.

Rabbit Rainboots with Easy on Handles

We love, love, love the colors and the 3D-effect of the rabbit on these rainboots. As advertised, they’re for toddlers. How cute! They also come with handles so that you can easily take them with you anywhere.

Unicorn Girls Wellington Rain Boots

Of course, we’re putting one here. Unicorns are not exactly farm animals – they don’t exist, don’t we all know that? LOL – but it’s super cute, and will surely put a smile to your child’s face.