Lady Bug Rain Boots – Add Red and Black to Your Kids Rain Gear

Ladybugs come in a bright red-and-black color and that distinct dome-shaped body. They’re tiny insects that can’t compete with the colors of butterflies, yet they’re equally adorable. And when these insects are cartoonized or incorporated as the main design of a merchandise, they stand out.

Take ladybug rain boots, for instance. Visiting the catalogue of online stores, we found that these rain boots are of two kinds — 3D and non-3D. As expected, 3D lady bug boots have some parts sticking out. For instance, the antennae. And although the non-3D rain boots don’t have any part that stick out, the distinct red-and-black color makes them equally attractive.

Here, we give you the best-rated lady bug rain boots that you can readily find and buy online. These have been rated highly by other consumers for two main reasons — their kids love them, and they last long.

Stephen Joseph Ladybug Rain Boots

These boots from Stephen Joseph have been given a high rating of 4.8 and 4.4 out of 5.0 respectively. These boots are designed to easily slip on. They’re made from high quality rubber and are made in China.